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Kaptain Kobold of The Stronghold Rebuilt has suggested a 6x6 challenge based on the boardgamegeek 10x10 challenge.  Play 6 tabletop games 6 times in 2017 and post the game reports (the level of detail up to you). A number of people are participating and Kaptain Kobold is the central co-ordinator. More details on the challenge at this The Stronghold Rebuilt initial blog post, and the initial participant list at this post.

I generally only play about, 30 games a year.  Of these only two I think I have played more than 6 times in one year! 36, and 6 of 6 games, will definitely be a challenge.  I detailed the reasoning behind my choice of games in this late December 2016 blog post.

Game status as at 8 August 2017:

Game 1 Ancient Battlelines Clash, 0 plays
Game 2 Advance to cover, 4 plays:  Game 1, Game 2, Game 3, Game 4
Game 3 Field Commander: Alexander, 0 plays
Game 4 WW3x4 Advancing Companies, 6 plays, all games at this post
Game 5 Fall of Rome (1973 edition), 3 plays, Game 1 and 2, Game 3
Game 6 Triumph!, 3 plays: Game 1 and 2, Game 3

Note: Game 4 was Full Thrust, replaced by WW3x4 in July.

Total: 16 games.
Status: Behind by 5 games.  Need to play 4 a month for August to December.

Detail with game report links
Note I have used the blog label 6x6 challenge for posts relevant to the 2017 6x6 challenge.

Game 1 - Ancient Battlelines Clash. Played 0
My own ancient rules.
Probability: 99%. I have played these rules 150 times in the last four years, I should be able to make 6 more.

Game 2- Advance to cover. Played 4
My own WW2 rules, for 6mm and 20mm.
Probability: 90%.  I have played these about  6 times a year for the last 3 years.

Game 01 - Played January 2017
Game 02 - Played January 2017
Game 03 - Played January 2017
Game 04 - Played February 2017

Game 3 - Field Commander:Alexander. Played 0
Solo operational boardgame.  Each scenario will count as a game.  Four scenarios make up the whole campaign, so hopefully play to campaigns.
Probability: 70%.  I have not played it before and may not be able to fit it in the time.

Game 4 - WW3x4 Advancing Companies (was Full Thrust). Played 6
WW3x4 is a WW2 game played on a 3x4 grid with approximately a company a side.  It is designed to be played on an A4 sheet of paper with 6mm miniatures and terrain.  I changed this out in July 2017 after playing 6 games of WW3x4.
Game 1 to 6 - April to July 2017

Comment for the former Full Thrust (just in case it makes a comeback!):
Spaceship miniatures game.
Probability: 50%.  I have not played it before and compared to most other games on this list, requires more space to play than my place of preference - in a set of map drawers.

Game 5- Fall of Rome (original 1973 edition). Played 3
Solo strategic game. the game comes with 6 scenarios (very convenient!)
Probability: 70%.  I have played a few of the scenarios about 25-30 years ago.  Not sure if I will last to play all six,although they are quire different in the challenges they pose.

Scenario 1 and Scenario 2 replay
Scenario 3 replay

Game 6 - Triumph! Played 3
Probability: 20%.  I don't know if I can stretch to playing 6 times of more than 3-4 games/rules, let along 6 rules.  Update February 2017 - likely to get in 6 games of Triumph! this year so have selecged that. Triumph! is a massed ancient battle miniature ruleset that has similar mechanisms to DBA but plays quite a bit differently.
Game 01 - Parthians Vs Indians
Game 02 - Parthians Vs Indians
Game 03 - Athenians Vs Achaemenid Persians

Other Contenders that may replace one or more of the games include:
Warhammer Quest
X wing
Wings of War
Space Crusade
Pulp Alley
Tiny Epic Galaxies (a fast filler if nothing else pans out)
Dungeon Roll.(a fast filler if nothing else pans out)
It may be that new played games come along and I will track these hat may look as though they may be able to meet the 6 times criteria, and may even replace games listed earlier. Who knows?

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